Written on the 31 July 2019 by Kevin Conolly

I will oppose the euphemistically-titled "Reproductive Health Care Reform Bill".

Removing the last vestiges of legal protection for unborn children in NSW is not a health care reform. It is a step backwards to a less-enlightened, less-civilised society which places only selective value on human life.

The Bill is built on the ugly premise that while an unborn child who is "wanted" by his or her parents is a human being, an unborn child who is not "wanted" is not a human being. This is unscientific and ethically unsustainable.

Scientific and medical advances of the last 50 years have allowed us to see inside the womb with greater clarity than ever before via ultrasound; to identify the individual DNA of the unique human being in the womb; and to operate "in utero" to correct developmental defects to allow a baby the best start in life.

All of these developments confirm and corroborate that the unborn child is a human being. The pro-life case has only been strengthened by the medical and scientific advances of the modern era, not weakened.

Logically the onus is on those who would legalise the termination of the life of an unborn child to prove that the child is not a human being. Of course, that is not possible.

It is the pro-abortion argument which is archaic and unscientific.

Obviously, the human being most affected by a termination is the one whose life is being terminated. If human rights mean anything at all, they must start with the right of a human being not to be killed.

I am dismayed that such a Bill is being put before the Parliament this week and that it appears it will be rushed through with little time for public input. This is not an appropriate way to deal with complex, difficult and contentious issues.

I am particularly disappointed that the Bill has not been foreshadowed to the coalition joint party room, denying Members the opportunity to debate either the merits of the Bill or the process of its introduction to Parliament. It is especially disheartening that members of the Government have been involved in this process without the endorsement of the party room.

Author: Kevin Conolly


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