Written on the 15 March 2018 by Kevin Conolly

Member for Riverstone, Kevin Conolly MP spoke in parliament last week about his thoughts on the future rail infrastructure needs of the Riverstone electorate, particularly in relation to the town of Riverstone itself.

"While the opportunity for duplication of the line north-west of Schofields remains some years away, given the enormous projects to which the Government has committed already, I believe it is critical that we take that opportunity in future to lift the railway line in the vicinity of Riverstone Township onto a viaduct. That will improve not only the capacity of the Richmond rail line but also the capacity of the road network to serve the area," said Mr Conolly.

During his speech Mr Conolly advocated this option strongly as a better solution to the traffic congestion issues confronting people using Garfield Road in and around the Riverstone Township, which is inhibiting growth in the region and causing stress for local residents and businesses.

He added, "For obvious safety reasons, any proposed upgrade of Garfield Road depends on removing the level crossing and replacing it with a grade-separated option. The decision has been delayed for years because of the difficulty in identifying the correct option - one that satisfies the needs of the community. I believe the correct option is rail over road - that is, lifting the railway line onto a viaduct. That delivers greater benefits on more fronts than any of the various road-over-rail options that have been proposed in the past."

Mr Conolly also went on to say, "The Western Sydney City Deal [announced recently], includes a commitment to a north-south rail link connecting Badgerys Creek airport with the main western rail line near St Marys. A commitment was also given to investigate the feasibility of a future connection from the St Marys area to Schofields".

"I strongly support the possible St Marys-Schofields link as it would greatly benefit the residents of Riverstone and surrounding areas for whom access to employment, education and recreation would be greatly enhanced," said Mr Conolly.

Mr Conolly ended his speech with, ". when that time for decision comes on the duplication of the Richmond rail line, as it must surely come in the future, and when the time comes for the decision to replace the level crossing, and I suspect that is probably seven to eight years away, I would strongly urge the Government to adopt the rail-over-road option, lift the rail onto a viaduct and score a big win for the whole Riverstone community".

Author: Kevin Conolly


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