Written on the 10 September 2019 by Kevin Conolly

Today's Rouse Hill Times report purports to quote me saying that "Ninety percent of people have asked me to support this Bill (with amendments)". This claim is false.

What I said to the journalist is "Ninety percent of Riverstone constituents who have contacted me have supported my position". This is true.

My position in parliament was unequivocal in opposition to the Bill. As I told the journalist, hundreds of people have contacted me in support of that position.

As the Bill has passed through the lower house, and my opportunity to vote on anything other than amendments has concluded, I am now focused on urging my upper house colleagues to ensure that it does not pass in its current extreme form.

The journalist concluded her report with a paragraph implying that I had revealed the substance of private conversations with the Premier. What I said to the journalist was "I am not going to discuss what occurs in private conversations with the Premier or parliamentary colleagues". The journalist's inclusion of other observations in that context is a misrepresentation.

These and other errors in the report have misrepresented my position on the issue to the newspaper's readers.

Author: Kevin Conolly


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