Written on the 30 July 2018 by Kevin Conolly

"The biggest threat to health services in Sydney's north-west is the possibility of a Labor government," says Kevin Conolly, Member for Riverstone.

"Since 2011 the NSW Liberal Government has invested more than $700 million in Blacktown-Mount Druitt hospitals, more than doubling the capacity of the hospitals, and has employed hundreds of extra nurses, doctors and allied health staff across the two campuses.

"And the 2018-19 budget included an allocation of $75 million to purchase the site for a new public hospital in the Rouse Hill area.

"Under the Liberals the State health budget has grown by more than inflation every year since 2011 (see table below).

"All of this would be at risk if Labor was to be elected. Labor has opposed all of the budget repair measures, like the public sector wages policy and asset recycling, which have made these improvements possible.

"If they turn back the clock on these policies, the money for the health system improvements would dry up.

"Under Labor's failed economic policies there would no longer be the money required to support new hospital projects or to hire new nurses and doctors.

"If Labor ever won government we would go back to the bad old days of drip-feeding funding to a health system unable to cope with the demands of a growing community."

Some facts about the health system staffing 2011-2018:

The number of Doctors has increased by 3100 FTE or 35%
Nurses and midwives increased by 7800 FTE or 19%
Allied health increased by 1800 FTE or 22%
NSW population from Dec 2010 Dec 2017 grew by 10.2%


NSW Government Health funding 2011-2018

Health Budget Expenses, $ billion
  Recurrent Increase % Capital Total
2010-11 15.472   0.918 16.389
2011-12 16.421 6.1% 0.921 17.342
2012-13 17.278 5.2% 1.005 18.282
2013-14 17.871 3.4% 1.167 19.038
2014-15 18.717 4.7% 1.170 19.887
2015-16 19.617 4.8% 1.282 20.899
2016-17 20.752 5.8% 1.457 22.209
2017-18 21.652 4.3% 1.547 23.198
2018-19 22.933 5.9% 2.163 25.096

Source: Budget Papers, Initial Budget

Author: Kevin Conolly


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