Written on the 21 January 2019 by Kevin Conolly

The Labor announcement today that they are now in favour of a new hospital at Rouse Hill is a case of "attempted catch-up".

It comes only after the Liberals have invested $700 million in upgrading Blacktown-Mount Druitt Hospital and hundreds of millions of dollars at each of Westmead, Nepean and several other western Sydney hospitals.

These are all projects which Labor talked about but would not or could not deliver.

Unfortunately for Labor, they have no credibility in this region. Locals well remember that they promised the North West Rail line and then cancelled it, then announced it again and cancelled it again.

Residents in the region remember that Labor had to be dragged kicking and screaming to upgrade Windsor Road years after it was due to be completed.

They also remember that Labor refused to build a high school to serve Kellyville Ridge, Stanhope Gardens and The Ponds and even sold off a primary school site in the area.

So why would anyone in the area believe this latest election promise from a party that has shown it doesn't care about the north-west?

Labor has not spelled out where they'll get the money to fulfil this promise, nor when it will be allocated. As Labor has not made a commitment within the 4 year budget cycle, it's clear that the majority of the $700 million will not be committed within the next term of parliament, but is "never-never money" that will have to be found after the 2023 election.

Labor doesn't have the money, and doesn't support the policies that would deliver the money.

While Labor talk about schools and hospitals, it is the Liberals who are delivering schools and hospitals, not just election promises.

The Liberals built The Ponds High School, Riverbank Public School, The Ponds School (SSP) and are upgrading four schools in the Riverstone electorate today. We've acquired the site for a new primary school on Farmland Drive.

The Liberals have upgraded nearly all the hospitals across western Sydney, tackling years of hospital neglect under Labor.

Author: Kevin Conolly


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