Written on the 23 March 2016 by Kevin Conolly

Land owners in Precinct A of the Riverstone "scheduled lands" have until the end of March to cast their vote on a development plan that would enable the subdivision of their existing lots and deliver essential infrastructure and services to those lots.

Under planning legislation that is unique to Riverstone and other 'paper subdivisions' in NSW, a ballot must be held to allow landowners to vote on a development plan that will create a new subdivision over their land.

"I encourage the landowners in Precinct A (Stage 1-3) to participate in this important ballot," said Mr Conolly.

Around 50 landowner groups in the Riverstone Scheduled Lands Precinct A (Stages 1-3) are eligible to vote in the ballot, which closes on 31 March.

"These lots in the Riverstone Scheduled Lands Precinct A have developed in an ad hoc way over the past 100 years" said Mr Conolly.

"Up to 300 lots could be created under the development plan, unlocking land for housing and creating a new street pattern," said the Head of UrbanGrowth NSW's Western Sydney Project Portfolio Matthew Beggs.

Under legislation, 60 percent of landowners owning 60 percent of the land must vote in favour of a development plan before it can go ahead. A ballot held in September 2014 did not achieve the required majority.

As the development coordinator, UrbanGrowth NSW created a new development plan and incorporated the planning changes from the housing diversity package that allows for a variety of lots sizes ranging 300m2 to 500m2. The new plan was presented to landowners in December 2015.

An announcement on the outcome of the vote is likely in April this year.

Author: Kevin Conolly


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