Written on the 15 June 2018 by Kevin Conolly


The State budget will confirm the ongoing massive investment in public schools in the Riverstone electorate and surrounding region, said Member for Riverstone Kevin Conolly.

"Primary school capacity will be increased at Quakers Hill East Public School, Riverbank Public School and Schofields Public School where extensive upgrade projects are commencing this year," said Mr Conolly. These projects are due to be finished in 2020.

"A brand new primary school will be built in the Alex Avenue precinct and another will be built in neighbouring Marsden Park, both due to open for the 2021 school year.

"A major upgrade in secondary student capacity will be provided at Riverstone High School, where the site will eventually cater for 2000 students. The first stage of the upgrade commences this year.

Demountable classrooms will be deployed where local enrolment exceeds the capacity of permanent buildings, as happens all across the state. New housing release areas follow a typical pattern of rapid enrolment growth, followed by a period of stabilisation and then gradual decline to more predictable long term levels. All governments use demountable classrooms to manage these trends.

The demountable classrooms being provided in 2018 are modern purpose-designed comfortable rooms with air-conditioning. As a result, they are often popular with students.

Unlike the last Labor government, which closed more than 90 schools across NSW while in office, and which sold off the proposed primary school site at Sentry Dive and Ponytail Drive, Stanhope Gardens, the current Liberal government is investing $6 billion over four years in new school infrastructure, delivering 2,000 new classrooms across 170 upgraded or new schools.

These projects are only possible because of the strong financial management of the Liberal government, despite the opposition of the Labor party to almost every funding measure the government has introduced. If Labor policies had been followed, there would be no money for these new or upgraded schools.

Local residents have a choice between a Liberal government which is delivering real improvements in education and a Labor opposition which may promise the world but whose policies would mean there is no money to deliver anything.

Just as it has taken the Liberals to upgrade Blacktown hospital, build the North West Metro rail line, upgrade Richmond Road and Schofields Road and build the new Riverstone Police station, so it is only the Liberals who can be trusted to provide the new and upgraded schools that local families need.

Author: Kevin Conolly


I am honoured to have been elected as your Parliamentary representative in my capacity as the Member for Riverstone.

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