Written on the 15 June 2018 by Kevin Conolly


One thousand public schools across NSW will receive air conditioning thanks to an unprecedented $500 million funding boost from the NSW Government in this year's State Budget.

Member for Riverstone Kevin Conolly welcomed the funding for school air conditioning for which he has been lobbying for several years.

"This level of investment is something to be proud of.  It is through the strong economic management of the NSW Liberal Government that we are in a position to deliver this record investment for NSW students. It is something that the Labor Party could never have achieved," Mr Conolly said.

All new schools and school upgrades delivered from today will also have air conditioning installed in their new classrooms and libraries.

"This means the projects starting at Quakers Hill East PS, Riverbank PS, Schofields PS and Riverstone High School will all include air conditioning.

"So too will the new primary schools to be built in the Alex Avenue precinct and at Marsden Park.

"The criteria for providing air conditioning for existing schools will prioritise hotter areas of the state, meaning that western Sydney schools will be well in line for retrofitting within the 5 year program," said Mr Conolly.

"As the $500 million program will include hundreds more schools than has been proposed by the Labor party, the government program will air-condition many schools that Labor would not.

"And that's assuming they could ever be trusted to deliver anything, which has to be in doubt, given that they have opposed all of the funding measures used by the government to provide infrastructure for the people of New South Wales," said Mr Conolly.

Education Minister Rob Stokes said the NSW Government is committed to supporting students to reach their full potential through the State's excellent public education system.

"The NSW Government will make sure our students have the best possible environments for learning," Mr Stokes said.

The announcement will also result in the removal of unflued gas heaters where new air conditioning is installed.

The initiative will involve 'smart systems' being installed in schools that offer heating, cooling, humidity control and outside fresh air to ensure students have healthy and comfortable environments to learn in.

To ensure the initiative is sustainable, the power required will be offset by power generated by solar panels and supported with battery storage, where possible. The systems will automatically shut down after hours.

Author: Kevin Conolly


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