Member for Riverstone Kevin Conolly has called on the NSW Government to review the suburbs included within the “Areas of Concern”.

“The northern suburbs of Blacktown LGA have never had the same level of Covid transmission as the southern and south-western parts of the LGA.

“And the case numbers here have begun to ease in September.

“The time is right for these suburbs to be removed from this category.

“Earlier this week I wrote again to the Premier asking that the inclusion of suburbs in this area within the ‘LGA of Concern’ status be reviewed.

“My earlier request in August wasn’t supported as case numbers grew during that month.

“But now that they are falling, it’s only fair to call for another look,” Mr Conolly said.

“It’s also time to drop some more of the illogical rules which people across western and south-western Sydney have had to live with.

“It was good to see the curfew dumped. It never made sense.

“But now the time limit on outdoor exercise should go the same way.

“So too the rule which forces people to wear masks everywhere outdoors, regardless of whether there is anyone else within cooee of them.

“And the ban on people who work alone in the outdoors, like gardeners and lawn mowers, from leaving their LGA to work simply doesn’t make sense in terms of limiting transmission.

“These rules are not based on good science. They are simply the bluntest of blunt instruments adopted as a kind of wishful thinking that harsher restrictions will slow the virus down.

“The people of western Sydney can see that these rules are illogical and are being applied unfairly to those unfortunate enough to live in LGAs deemed ‘Areas of Concern’.

“It is high time that they are dumped,” said Mr Conolly.

“It is also obvious that a radius of 5km for permitted travel is less of a burden in inner Sydney, where everything you’d need is pretty close, than in outer metropolitan areas where suburbs and services are spread further apart.

“The impact of a 5km limit on the people of Riverstone is much greater than on the people of Randwick or Ryde.

“The rules need to be fair and they need to be based on good science,” said Mr Conolly.

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